what do ken think about sex toys

Hey there. Recently I was at a friend’s house party and the conversation moved to sex toys. I think it’s a pretty taboo topic for most people considering the fact that ken is the conservative kind, sex toys and I was honestly quite surprised by his reaction. He said that he had no opinion on sex toys one way or another, and that he gave people the benefit of the doubt when it came to their sexual preferences. I was in awe at his open mindedness.

But then, he went on to say something that had me really intrigued. He said that sex toys could be used for medical purposes, too. He felt that if they were being used to help improve someone’s lifestyle, physical or mental health, then it was perfectly fine. He felt that it was a personal choice and that it was important to do research beforehand to make sure you were purchasing something that was safe and good quality. I had never thought about it that way before, and I was really impressed.

He also went on to say that using sex toys could be a nice way to spice up things in the bedroom if both parties were comfortable with the idea. He said that it was something to look into for couples who wanted to experiment. He didn’t seem judgmental or uncomfortable with the idea at all. He was actually quite open to the idea and he even suggested a few toys that he thought could be interesting to try.

I was really surprised by Ken’s opinion on sex toys, but I couldn’t say I was disappointed. His chilled out attitude toward the topic was actually quite refreshing and made me appreciate his open-mindedness even more. He was ready to talk openly about the topic and gave a really thoughtful opinion which I appreciated.

I think the moral of the story is that some people may surprise you with their views on certain topics. Ken could have just said he wasn’t comfortable with the topic and dismissed it straight away, but he didn’t. He had a really progressive view on the topic, which was refreshing to hear. It’s just a good reminder that everyone is different and has their own views and opinions, and it’s always good to be open minded.