what happens if you use a dirty sex toy

Using a dirty sex toy can be a huge mistake. Many people believe they could just grab a toy off the shelf and never worry about cleaning it, without any potential risks. But, unbeknownst to them, using a dirty sex toy could have immense repercussions.

To begin, I can tell you about the physical implications. As you can imagine, using a dirty sex toy can increase the risk of vaginal, anal or oral infections. You can easily get all sorts of little infections due to the dirt that is accumulated in the toy. Moreover, by using a dirty toy you can easily spread bacteria to yourself or to your partner. The bacteria can cause serious irritation and skin reactions.

Second, using an unclean toy can bring psychological consequences. It can be a major turn-off, both for oneself or their partner, as the thought of using a dirty toy brings disgust. Not only can it be very embarrassing, using an unclean toy can cause feelings of insecurity, as people may worry about their partner touching it before them.

The 5 Best Vibrators 2021 | Reviews by WirecutterThird, using a dirty toy could lead you to having a less-than-optimal experience. Many sex toys come with a high price tag and are made to be used a certain way. If you do not use it according to its specific instructions, you can fuzz its performance. Furthermore, the dirt could cause blockages in between the movement parts of the toy, making it less effective or even cause it to break.

Last, and definitely not least, there’s the moral implications of using a dirty toy. If the toy is used with multiple partners, there’s a high chance of spreading or acquiring a sexually transmitted disease. Moreover, some people have ethical concerns with the fact that a certain toy has been used by countless other people. It could make some people feel violated.

Overall, using a dirty sex toy is not worth risking all the potential problems it could cause. That’s why it’s important to make sure to always clean it after each use, and not store it in a wet, dirty and humid environment.

Expanding further, the type of cleaner that you use to sanitize the sex toy is also important. Ideally, always use a toy cleaner. If you don’t have one, use a mild and soft soap and then sanitize it with an alcohol-based sanitizer. This is a good way of keeping germs at bay. You can also choose to deep-clean the toy by boiling it for a few minutes. However, you want to make sure that you read the instructions very carefully, since not all toys can get submerged in water during the cleaning process.

Also, it is important to store your sex toys in a safe place. Keep them away from any direct sunlight and away from other household items, since they can easily pick up dust and create an unsanitary situation. Make sure to store them in a safe container and keep everything hygienic.

Apart from cleaning the toy, dildos it is also important to replenish its lube or other lubrication it requires, since expired or dirty lubricant can result in skin irritation and make the experience less enjoyable. Also, never use a lubricant that is not compatible with the toy, since some lubricants can damage the toy’s components, resulting in a much less pleasurable experience.

Using condoms when engaging with the toy is also recommended, as it is an extra protection barrier against any spreading of diseases, as well as a way to keep the toy as clean as possible. This is especially true for toys that will be used with more than one partner.

It is also important to inspect and check your toys often, to make sure that there are no faulty elements or dysfunctional parts. Always check for tears, rips, and discolorations. Any damage should be reported immediately and the toy should not be used.

To sum everything up, it is incredibly important to always keep your sex toys clean. Not only is it healthier for you, but it is also a much more enjoyable experience without all the worries and anxiety. Remember that cleaning a toy is much easier than dealing with any of the consequences of dirty play.