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I’ve often wondered why some states would choose to ban sex toys, of all things. Where’s the harm in a little pleasure in the bedroom? It’s almost as if some states are dead-set against us having any kind of fun. Unbelievable!

It turns out that there are actually seven states in the US that have banned having sexual intercourse with objects, otherwise known as ‘dildos’ or ‘sex toys’. Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Virginia are some of the states that have banned the sale of sex toys. South Carolina, Texas, and Kansas also have laws prohibiting the sale of sexual devices or items that are intended to promote sexual pleasure or arousal.

The reasoning behind these bizarre laws is that legislators deemed sexual pleasure to be ‘obscene’. They claimed that any sort of genital pleasure was considered immoral and could disrupt public decency. Could you imagine?! How is pleasure now considered a sin?

Still, the ban is in place, and for some, it means no opportunity for sexual exploration or pleasure. It’s hard to imagine how someone in one of these states could be deprived of something that is so essential to a satisfied and fulfilling sex life.

What’s more, these laws are actually quite outdated; since they were written at a time before the internet existed. In an age of easy access to information, how can one expect these archaic laws to still stand? Technology and modernity has allowed us to explore many new and exciting experiences. But sadly, these states seem determined to cling to their traditional values – values that often put a damper on much needed pleasure.

It’s an injustice that those living in these states are unable to access basic sexual pleasure. It seems so unfair that access to items such as vibrators and dildos are being denied. Where’s the sense in that? For someone who’s been denied sexual pleasure, it must be incredibly frustrating.

Moreover, the laws are not just sexist, they’re also outdated and impractical. It’s hard to even comprehend why someone would be against sexual pleasure in this day and age. We all deserve the right to seek out pleasure – without having to go against the law. Unfortunately, some states have put limits onto our right to enjoy the intimacy we desire.

Apart from the obvious tragedy, these laws have several secondary effects. For instance, they feed into the already existing stigma against sex and pleasure. It seems like they were made to shame those who desire something that is deeply human – pleasure. That’s why it’s important to push against this kind of internalised shame and stigma. We need to take a stand against outdated laws that don’t make sense in the current climate.

It’s unfortunate that these bans are in place, but fortunately, there are ways we can fight them. In fact, many states have begun pushing back against these laws by challenging them in court. This has the potential to lead to real and necessary change. It’s also a sign that we’re beginning to move away from these outdated ideologies and into a more progressive and pleasure-inclusive future.