Whenever I hang around with my friends the one topic that never seems to disappear is sex dolls. We often make jokes about the entire concept but mostly the focus is on the features that go into sex dolls, especially the breasts. It always starts out with someone saying something about wanting “the perfect tits” on whatever size doll they are discussing, then there’s the hilarious discussion on what anatomy should comprise the bust portion.

My friends and I usually chuckle as they explain what options should be available to customize a doll. They tell me it would be nice if the sex toy came with realistic nipples, and the most preferred is the hyge version of the boobs which is supposed to stand out. Since everyone has a preference for size and shape they think it would be better if the doll had options such as perkier, vibrators droopier, smaller and larger options.

My friends got quite excited as they explain why the one thing they would never want is a “plastic, cartoonish” set of boobs – even though some of those busts are quite big. They said they would never want to be embarrassed during the act because the doll looks so ridiculous. Also, they know how important hygiene is for the doll so they would want to be able to clean the area easily and no one wants fake nipples that start to peel off.

My experience with pleasure dolls is still quite limited, even though my friends seem to be neck-deep in the topic, but I can’t help but laugh at their amazement when someone brings up the idea for a hyge sex doll with tits because they are so detailed. It’s quite funny how pumped they get and how they explain what they want when given the option.

To be fair, the girls started to become extremely competitive about the size and shape of the breast when purchasing a sex doll and sometimes one of us will have to back them off with a reminder that the hygiene should always come first. Even with that I can clearly see the obsession over the perfect sexual pleasure doll’s bust.

The boys in the group even prefer the hyge version of the female sex doll breasts, they had a passionate argument about it and one of them said “Sex toys are for fun and pleasure, if it doesn’t feel real then why bother with it right?”. So much enthusiasm about what type of tits would make them feel good I tell you!

When it comes down to it, regardless of the shape or size the rest of my friends seem to agree that a hyge sex doll’s breasts should have some kind of realistic feel to it – not too hard but not too floppy either, with nipples that respond to pressure when touched. They will also say the doll’s breasts should not be too sensitive because they don’t want to have to be too gentle every time they interact with the tits.

One of them also discusses the importance of facial recognition, AIvoice recognition, eye movement and facial expressions they want in a perfect doll so it can simulate a more real interaction. But when it comes to the “boobs” – they said it should feel realistic in order to please them in the bedroom.

The way my friends talk about hyge sex doll tits is quite intriguing. Everyone has a different favorite, whether it is pert nipples or droopier and harder ones — they like to have a variation of sizes and shapes available in order to make them feel more comfortable when making their choice. Some of them will go for the large ones while others will opt for the smaller ones, either way they have a clear idea on what they need and want in order to get the most satisfaction.

From the conversations I’ve had with my friends, I can say that everyone seems to understand the importance of hygiene when it comes to these kinds of dolls. A hyge requirement is very popular because nobody wants to buy a doll that won’t be able to perform correctly due to dirtiness or poor maintenance practices.

In conclusion, I believe that in order for someone to have the most realistic experience possible while using a sex doll, hygiene and safety must always be considered first. Hyge sex dolls with tits should also have realistic textures and shapes in order for them to provide the most pleasure possible.