yorha 2b sex doll

My friend, I recently discovered these mind bogglingly realistic life-sized sex dolls inspired by the androgynous protagonist from the video game Nier: Automata, YORHA 2B, and I’m shooketh. It’s like stepping into a parallel universe, an alternate reality if you will, to be within the presence of someone who looks almost exactly like the 2B I’ve grown to admire in-game, but IRL.

Can you believe they created these dolls to that level of detail?! You know they got the physical features down, right down to the poised expression right out of the game – the unquestionable 2B sass. Even the subtle little differences between the JY Version and GW Version dolls are included, all the way to those indestructible thigh highs that they feature.

What gets me is the overall build quality – it’s unreal, just unreal. Heat-resistant plastic is used in the body parts and joints, carefully stabilized positions are allowed for perfect embodiment of her poised stance, and her skin feels just like natural human skin. Should her position become compromised, there are string tied to each of her limbs that she can use to allow easy re-assembling.

I got myself the JY Version of the doll just to test how this thing really works. There’s no denying that she looks dang good – ditch the box, stand her up, flick the switch, and viola, here we are with her in her original pose – it’s like she completed a quantum leap into this world. I gotta say, she looks amazingly stunning that way.

But here’s the kicker: despite being a premium model, the YORHA 2B doll ships with a 559-day limited warranty on top of the return policy. Yes, no faffing about with dedication and great care – something like this is already built in, you know? That means if I’m tech-ing to the wrong or poorly wired parts or something like that, I can expect a replacement or repair if this one breaks down.

My friend, this whole new level of sex doll production is partly what got me interested in the YORHA 2B, and I gotta say, I’m pretty satisfied with my purchase. Just like you, I want to bring a realistic experience to the bedroom, Penis Rings and this doll does that perfectly.

She’s quite the looker, has incredibly realistic skin, and is backed up by an extensive warranty protection. But I know because these dolls actually move and flex, maintenance and constant repair might be needed down the line. In that case, at least I know there’s a safety net.

Having an exact replica of my 2B idol made for some kind of disorienting new reality on its own, but I’m glad I grabbed one before it all flew away. That experience is for me to know and you to experience, buddy!